Archie (spoodle/ Cockapoo) Flushing 'game' animals in the gardens & bushes - VIDEO

archie spoodleNot everyone is familiar with the background of the spoodle/ cockapoo, but here it is. They can be bred from English or American Cocker Spaniels as the mother or father.  And the miniature poodle as the mother or father.  What you end up with (unless you use the American Cocker) is a formidable hunter.

Dominance and energy levels have to do with the specific bloodline of a dog, they are not automatic with the breeds, but the reason this dog has been so successful with humans is that it is a perfect family dog, but still retains its original breeding nature of tracking scents and retrieving. This means that they will not be a boring dog - but they definitely need their daily exercise.

The English cocker spaniel is known as " pleasant, gentle, playful and affectionate" however  when faced with a bird, rabbit or cat, all of that usually changes. Not in a bad way, but in an insistent "I want  to get to know this animal better" kind of way. Some people choose the American Cocker spaniel parent for a different aesthetic look (the head is slightly different) but these dogs have much less predator/ retrieving instincts and can become docile and fatter quicker without the desire to run around on off -lead walks.

Another thing that potential owners don't realise is that the English cocker is one of the oldest spaniels and was initially the same breeds as the springer spaniel (which is much larger and more athletic).

The cocker is also "excellent at flushing and retrieving game with a gentle mouth." That is where I got the title for this article from. Because what you are seeing is not just a dog excited about some bushes and a hedge, but a dog intent on flushing out animals from them (for their owner hunter to do things with).

The poodle part of the cockerpoo or spoodle also ads a very special dimension to its abilities. The poodle is known to be a great jumper, has a faster metabolism and high intelligence, so combining the two is like putting a cocker spaniel on performance enhancing drugs. The poodle size usually used in breeding the cockapoo is the miniature size, as this creates a dog of a similar size or slightly larger than the regular cocker spaniel.

The original poodles were from Germany and were bred as hunting dogs, and were very good at water retrieving. This is why it is very unusual to see a spoodle that does not like water. It is also a great thing that the two breeds used to create the spoodle have such commonality in behaviour. There is little behavioural conflict between the poodle and the cocker spaniel so you wont get a dog that is confused about its purpose. The poodle was originally a duck dog, and the cocker spaniel was named after the woodcock bird it flushed and retrieved.


This video show my dog Archie flushing out potential game from bushes and hedges. While this is not a completely natural park, and while there are no actual rabbits or woodcocks, he is picking up scents, probably from possums and park rats, and trying to follow them to their holes. This is why he is on a long restraint cord.

If you can allow your dog off lead in areas where there have been vermin (particularly if it is a scent or retrieving dog, your dog will get a lot of mental and physical stimulation and satisfaction from these activities that mimic the hunts they were created for.


Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please use a LINK reference to

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