Archie & Max at the beach playing hard VIDEO

Max & Archie DOGSThis is a video of Archie and his new friend Max playing at the beach.

It is true that many dogs tend to bond with their own breed. For Archie that means that he often enjoys playing with Poodle crosses, as they seem to have a similar temperament and soft retriever jaws to play with.

However Max the jack Russell definitely stirs up some fast and furious playing in Archie. This article looks at the reasons behind why some dogs choose dogs outside of their breed to prefer playing with.


There is no definitive answer on this yet. But I can tell you that as early back as Cesar Milan first books, he noted that when he takes large packs of pit bulls and German shepherds into the Hollywood hills, that when they stop they usually prefer sitting in their own breed group.

You will notice that when dogs are puppies and exploring play for fun, as much as defining their place in the pack, that they will play with almost any breed or age of dog. However as dogs age, and often after around two years of age, they usually become much more selective in play partners.

I can tell you for instance that another dog that I walk, a border collie cross which has become obsessed with a blue heeler (see dog obsession video) will run as far as I can see to meet up with another working dog.  To almost the exclusion of all other breed types, he seeks out working dog breeds to play with.

I know of a whippet group that meets locally every Sunday that will allow other breeds to join their circle, but invariably unless the dogs is a puppy both the whippet group and the new non whippet often rapidly lose interest.


Being social for a dog has many benefits. Besides keeping it out of fights, and reducing its stress levels, you will find that in an off lead dog park that a very social dog is more likely to play with a lot of different dog breeds with confidence.

This of course increases its mental and physical stimulation which is the first reasons why you should be taking your dog to such parks.


Archie is a five year old spoodle/ cockapoo. As a dog walker, he gets many off lead walks, in many varied places. It is true that he often loves playing with a poodle cross, but often a labradoodle or a groodle as much as a spoodle.

Then there is the relationship that he has forged with about three jack Russel that I have walked.  So what do these poodle cross breeds and jack russell's have in common you may wonder?


Some people say dogs have personalities and souls and a whole bunch of human characteristics. Dog definitely do form certain habits and unique ways of expressing themselves. And I won't dismiss this Anthropomorphism out of hand. But often what people are commenting most on are the energy levels or if a dog is submissive, neutral or dominant.

The reason that 'like breeds' play together is that it's a fair contest, That the dog knows how it will run, turn and play, and enjoys being evenly matched with the other dog, there are no big surprise or one dog getting overly dominated by the other.

But the reason that my dog seems to like playing with dogs like Max so much is that jack Russell's are high energy dogs with a great independent spirit and ability to get quickly excited. Archie is a dominant spoodle. Archie was herding his brothers and sisters into a corner as a pup, and even now herds some dogs into the back of the car.

When Archie gets wet and runs around the beach with sand flying and waves crashing this sensory overload increases his energy levels and he feels quite at home with playing with a high energy dog.

Jack Russell's were originally ratters, and have a good ability to track smells, similar to Archie's breeds. Jack Russells (even this twelve year old) can get easily excited by their environments or a dog challenge, so these are the reason that Archie and Max click so well.

The other reason of course is that Max enjoys being chased, and Archie enjoys chasing.

When you get two dogs together that enjoy such a sympatico kind of a relationship, then they are always going to have great plays together, even if it is in short bursts. Regardless of age, breed or size.


Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please use a LINK reference to

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