Dog Industry Trends 2013 Online analysis: America, UK, Germany, Brazil

America UK German Brazil Dog industry trends 2013This article looks at the absolute search volume differences in terms associated with DOGS as searched on Google in the beginning of 2013 for major population countries. In this first article the countries chosen are America, UK, Germany and Brazil.

It is noted that the two of the largest dog ownership countries (per capita) in the world are America and the UK.  However the UK has far more dog associated searches on Google per capita than America does. Data suggests that there is a much higher dog popularity/ interest in the UK than in America (irrespective of ownership rates).

The volumes on the graph y axis represent the Exact search term volumes that are associated with the category of DOGS on Google. For instance in the USA  around 300,000 people per month search for the exact term "dogs". Google is used as the benchmark as it has the overwhelming market share in all the countries under analysis.

The search volumes shown are a three monthly average of December 2012, and Jan and February 2013. The top fifteen terms and their search volumes are shown on the graphs.

Future analysis will review how these main dog associated terms have changed in volumes over recent times.

America Exact Google DOG associated searches per month

One of the main characteristics of main dog loving countries is that the shape of their dog associated terms is a smooth exponential decrease curve extending into a long tail, this is so for America.

America has the leading absolute volumes of dog associated searches in the world with the leading term being "dogs" at 300,000 searches.

One of the major trends for American searches is that the term "puppy" or "puppies" and 'adopt a pet' all occur in the top ten searches. This shows that the dog industry is very healthy in the USA with many people considering new acquiring dogs.

In the top ten search terms there are also FOUR specific breeds shown: German shepherd, Pomeranians, Labrador retrievers and German shepherd puppies.

The first five terms are all over 100,000 searches which shows a healthy curiosity on search engines about dogs.

American Dog Industry trends 2013

UK Exact Google DOG associated searches per month

The UK is the highest dog associated search country per person of any country in the world. It is remarkable that the UK top term "rspca" has 160,000 searches. However while the total search volume of all the dog associated terms in impressive, its three main search terms take the major share: rspca, dogs trust &  dogs.

While the first three terms volumes are well above all the following terms, after this the terms have a very slow decline in volume, showing a very strong 'tail' of lesser volume terms (leading to an overall very large total search volume for all terms).

As found in previous analysis articles, the UK people (and the Irish) have a very strong humane bond with their dogs. You will notice that three out of the top four terms are to do with rescue dogs: rspca 167,000,  Dogs trust 127,000; and battlesea dogs home 65,000.

Unlike America, the specific dog breeds only come into play at the end of the top fifteen terms. They are shih tzu 36,000, German shepherd 27,000, cocker spaniel  29,000, Pomeranian 24,000

UK dog Industry Trends 2013

German Exact Google DOG associated searches per month

Germany like the majority of highly developed European countries tends to have a very low dog associated search per capita. For instance while the UK's top term was 160,000 for rspca (63 million people population)  Germany's top term Labrador was only 53,000 exact searches  (82 million people population)

The graph however has a remarkably smooth decline in searches across the fifteen terms similar to Americas graph shape.

The trend for dog associated search terms in Germany is the polar opposite of the UK. While the UK had generic terms or human dog terms first, the Germany searches are mostly about specific dog breeds. In fact the first six terms are ALL dog breeds: Labrador 53,000, golden retriever 36,000, Rottweiler 25,000, Yorkshire terrier 19,000, cocker spaniel 14,000 and shih tzu 16,000.

Surprisingly the core search term "dogs" in Germany came in position eleven with only 8,000 searches.  Then much of the remaining fifteen terms are dog breeds also.

Germany dog Industry Trends 2013

Brazil Exact Google DOG associated searches per month

The main reason that Brazil was chosen for dog industry analysis was that Google has it as one of the top countries to select in its Google volumes tool. And while the top term has a relatively impressive 61,000 searches (Rottweiler), this is VERY low on a per capita basis. Note Brazil's human population is near 197 million people but the top term only had 61,000 exact searches per month.  Compared to the UK's 160,000 searches for rspca (63 million human population).

This however is much to be expected as previous research shows that dog ownership and dog associated searches per capita are related to wealth per capita, and Brazil is a relatively poor country. This is also in- line with the shape of the graph for the fifteen terms being quite disjointed.

Very similar to Germany the top dog associated terms searched for in Brazil were all to do with specific breeds:  Rottweiler 61,000, golden retriever 41,000, shih tzu 36,000, Labrador 43,000, Yorkshire terrier 11,000.

Very interestingly many of the dog breeds most searched for in Brazil were the same as Germany. Note that this breed popularity pattern is not always the same across countries.  Note the core dog associated search term "dogs" was not even present in the top fifteen terms.

Brazil dog Industry Trends 2013


The type of terms searched for the major dog associated search per capita countries of America and the UK were similar in both shape of the graphs and type of term searched. Except that the UK had a much higher dog humane search volume and America had more puppies and a few breeds in the top ten.

The lesser dog search per capita countries of Germany and Brazil had similar jagged and fast declining search volumes, and the they both concentrated on specific dog breeds rather than humane terms or generic terms like puppies.

It will be interesting to see if lower population countries have any similarities to the types  of dog associated search terms found in these major population countries. To see this please view the next article.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please use a LINK reference to

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