Dog Industry Trends 2013 Online analysis: Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan

Dog Industry trend 2013 Australia Canada Ireland JapanThis article is the second in the series that looks at the absolute search volume differences in terms associated with DOGS as searched on Google in the beginning of 2013. The first article looked at major population country's while this looks at the major dog loving lower population countries.

This article compares dog associated search terms and volumes for Australia, Canada, Ireland and Japan. Out of this group on a per capita basis Ireland is the greatest searcher of dog terms, followed closely by Australia.

Two of the largest dog ownership countries (per capita) in the world are America and the UK.  And their search term profiles have a lot in common. it is expected that the equally high Australia and Canada may also have similar profiles to these leading dog associated term per capita countries

On the graphs below, the volumes on the y axis represent the Exact search terms that are associated under the category of "DOGS" on Google. The volumes shown are a three monthly average of December 2012, and Jan and February 2013. The top fifteen terms are shown on the graphs.

Australia  Exact Google Dog Associated searches per month

Like America, Australia has one of the smoothest long tail search volume profiles for dog associated terms of any country. In fact Australia is higher than America on a per capita basis, and the curve is correspondingly smoother.

For Australia the top ten dog associated terms have a lot in common with the UK, in regards to the humane aspect of the searches. consider these terms in the top ten:  rspca 65,000, pet insurance 12,000,  pet rescue 14,000, lost dogs home 12,000. Like America Australia has more generic terms in its top fifteen than dog breed specific terms.

You will notice that the term rspca is an anomaly in the data. That is it is almost twice the amount of searches of the second highest term, and makes the profile look bigger than Canada. This is most likely due to some brilliant marketing by the rspca.

There are only three breeds mentioned in the Australian dog associated top fifteen terms: German shepherd 10,000, golden retriever 8,000 and labrador 6,000.

Canada  Exact Google Dog Associated searches per month

Canada is included in this analysis for its proximity to America, its cultural and economic similarity and that previous analysis has shown that it has a similar high dog associated search term volume per capita as America.

The slight bump at the start of the graph should be ignored as this term of 'cats' was lumped in (by Google) with the dog associated terms, but clearly is not specifically dog related. Interestingly though cats has a higher volume (35,000) than the second highest term "dogs" (31,000).

Canada has a mixture of general dog terms and specific dog breed searches in its top ten terms.  Though out of its top fifteen terms nine are specific dog breeds. The top three dog breeds searched in Canada are: German Shepherd 17,000, Golden Retriever 17,000 and Shih Tzu19,467

Canada Dog Industry Trends 2013

Ireland  Exact Google Dog Associated searches per month

Ireland and UK are by far the two highest dog associated search per capita countries in the world.

The top term in Ireland is 'done deal dogs' 8,800 searches - a website for selling dogs. Apart from that Ireland like the UK shows a very humane side of its dog search activity. In particular the three terms in its top ten being: second highest "dogs trust" 6,900, fifth "pet insurance" 2,000 and ninth term "dogs trust Ireland" 1,163.

Only three specific breeds make it into the Irish top ten dog associated search terms:  shih tzu 2,067, German shepherd 1,800,  and golden retriever 1,500.

Ireland Dog Industry Trends 2013

Japan  Exact Google Dog Associated searches per month

Japan, like most European countries is an anomaly to the trends of advanced countries having high search terms for dogs. That is, it highest term of "pets" only has 9,300 searches which is very low for a population of 127 million people.

Along with such a low major term, the dog associated search term profile has a very short tail. There are only five dog associated terms over 1,000 exact searches per month on Google in Japan:  "pet" 9,300, cats 3,367,  puppy 2,900,  black dog 1,867 and dogs  1,600.

The top ten dog associated terms in Japan are very generic and  not even specifically related to dogs. In particular these are the generic and non dog related terms:  cats 3,367, black dog 1,867,  hot dog 450, green dog 480 and pets 280.

Japan Dog Industry Trends 2013


This analysis reaffirmed previous analysis of dog related searches across major dog loving countries.

Australia and UK, both leading dog associated search term per capita countries exhibited smooth long tails and a trend towards dog humane searches such as rspca and lost dogs homes.

Canada mirrored the American profile, but with a higher bias towards specific breeds, and Japan again shows a very low search term profile with generic and non dog associated terms.

Future analysis reports will review how dog associated terms have change in terms and volumes over recent times.


Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please use a LINK reference to

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