Jed the Vizsla doing endless retrieves for fun - VIDEO

Jed the VizslaThis is the first Vizsla I have minded, and I am mighty taken with Jed.

Jed is very playful for a six year old, and his preferred game is just the straight ball fetch. He does this so well, that I thought I would make a video and research the breed a little to find out why this may be so.

Unlike many dog breeds that have been created in the last hundred years or so, the vizsla dates back at least to the tenth century. Originally bred in Hungry they were able to get used to the cold and were mainly used to help in hunting (waterfowl and rabbit).

They have an obvious pointers body (and Jed even points as you will see in the video) but their ancestors are long extinct. the two most likely candidates are the Turkish yellow dog, and the Transylvanian hound.

The dog was so good at hunting and pointing, that its name means Pointer in Hungarian.

Many dog breeds became extinct because WW2 and had to be re created or forgotten. The  Hungarians had such presence of mind to protect the vizsla breed from when the Russians invaded that they smuggled them to other countries (including America which still has a strong club).

The vizsla has two lesser known 'sub vizsla' relatives: the hard-wirehair ( Wire-haired Vizsla)  and the and even more rare long-haired Vizsla. It is noted that of course the vizsla that everyone knows is the short coated rusty golden pointer.

While the Vizsla still retains its strong pointer and retriever skills, the are also known for being a game bird hunter, and watchdog.

For people considering buying a Vizsla, you will see that they have boundless energy, and if you want to keep them happy, you will be doing a lot of dog walking with them

The Vizsla in this video

Jed was a little shy when I first met him, and even saved up his 'waste' until he was well out of his pen. He showed interest in other dogs, but had remarkable capacity to retrieve for long periods.

That said, and even among all the excitement he was also happy to spend a lot of time goofing off, rolling around and being patted. The great thing about the retrieving was that he was not completely ball obsessed and could relatively easily be convinced to play other games or relax.


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