Georgie dog pointer cross, running on water to get to birds. VIDEO

georgie dogGeorgie is a rescue dog pointer cross.

Out of all the dogs that I have walked near water, I have never seen a need greater than hers to be in it.

Sure the birds are a big attraction, but many dogs are hunters or retrievers.

In this video you will see her friend the border collie go out to greet her, but even the border collie doesn't have the motivation or pace to keep up.

This behaviour happens in summer and the middle of winter, whether there are birds or not.

If the dog does have a substantial amount of pointer in it, these are the breeds that went into making the pointer:  Italian Pointer, Bloodhound, Greyhound, Foxhound, Newfoundland, Bulldog and Setter.

If the bio is to believed the pointer is not a water dog, so something else is probably going on here.

The other amazing thing about this dog is that it is a 'party starter'. Georgie regularly likes to sprint near other dogs to cause a chase and to make its live in companion Piper the border collie do a lot more chasing and socialising than she would otherwise do.

When most people meet Georgie they are automatically smitten with her appearance and demeanour. She is by no stretch of the imagination a dominant dog, but is a very cheeky one.

She is typical of a dog that comes into a person's life and massively improves it for the better.

Ironically one of the first instructions I was given about this dog was "don't allow it near water". But that is like telling my spoodle not to chase rabbits or birds. It is going specifically against the hundreds of years that went into the breed or the ancestral dogs that make up the breed.

I know that I am much better off for having met Georgie, and she regularly brightens up the days that I have when I am walking her.


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