Scrat dog jumping in his Spotswood quarantine aqis pen VIDEO

Scrat dog high jumpThe start of this video shows the outside of the dog pens at aqis. It is not very different from general private kennel pens. They are a mass of cement and steel wire fencing made for ease of cleaning and security.

What you will notice very quickly is the pen that I am approaching has the most hyperactive dog in detention. What you will notice as the clips moves on, is that this is one of the highest jumping dogs you have ever seen, and the unique shots at the top of his jump show some great extreme close-ups of his head.

When you look after dogs for a short intense period you often wonder what their super power is going to be. The one or two defining tricks or things that the dog does that is unusual or exceptional sometimes.

Scrat was very interesting in general. It was not that he was antisocial but he definitely had some very curious working dog traits. In the exercise yards he would constantly patrol to find weaknesses in the fences and to try and communicate with other dogs. He would accept pats but moderately rarely. He was definitely a dog that would thrive on freedom. A dog that cherished his independence.

Hence the reason that when he was near release from his cell, that he would put all his energy into being noticed.

This video was shot over several visits. I didn't want him to jump for too long on any one visit in case he injured himself, however you should also realise that he did these kinds of jumps for any visitor in the hope that he would soon be liberated.

The video of him jumping his full body length of the ground from a standing start is remarkable enough. However I really enjoy the shots at both the top and the bottom of his jumps. For these shots I got a close up of Scrat's face to see the effort that this guy was putting into each jump. The desire written all over his face to get a chance to roam.

Scrat up close and personalAs you probably know kelpies can easily put in 40 km of running a day. They are one of the best endurance dogs you will find on a farm or station. For this reason you can imagine that reserving all of this energy for his jumps has him put on an amazing display of dog physical prowess.

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