Dog Parasite preventative Medicines Dog Walkers Melbourne requires Client dogs to have

dog medicineThere are four very basic things everyone can do to keep their dog healthy. This article refers to point three on the list below. This is the application of monthly preventative medication to stop parasites living on your dog in Melbourne.

The full list is: Daily dog walks; Good food (including meat and meat based dog treats); MONTHLY flea and all worm medication, Pet insurance (if you can afford it).

NOTE: The use of monthly parasite preventative medication is MANDATORY for ALL Dog Walkers Melbourne Client's dogs.

To make the reason behind this requirement easier to understand I have made a summary table below:

Reasons to use health protection each month

Reasons not to treat

Your dogs' health and happiness

Other dogs health (they can re-infect your dog if your dog gives them fleas or worms

Fleas can lead to 'hot spots' a very aggravating skin irritation on your dog that left untreated can lead to mass hair loss and blood infection.

Once infected, Fleas can then breed in your house and your yard, making it hard for you to eradicate

Worms can be hard to detect in your dog but can damage organs and cause mass nutrition loss. Worms can be fatal

You, your family and your friends can catch worms off your dogs

Heart worm can kill your dog. If heart worm is not killed as a baby, it needs an expensive operation to remove it and your dog might still die.

It is a condition of Dog Walkers Melbourne that ALL client dogs are protected against fleas, general worms and heart worm.

Costs a small amount of money each month.

Contrary to internet myths, fleas and worms are active all year round.

Regardless of how clean you think your house and yard are, fleas and worms can infect untreated dogs.

In Melbourne (and the southern Australian states) there are THREE main categories of parasites you need to protect your dogs against:

  •  Fleas
  • General worms
  • Heart worm


You can use sprays and powders to reduce the incidence of fleas and worms on your dogs but these methods seem to provide less protection than monthly chewable tablets. Liquid based flea treatments can cause skin irritation or wash off (particularly in the rainy season).

There are many different types of worms your dog can catch, and not all dog medicines eradicate all of them. You will need to check for the medicine that eradicates most of them.

You can get yearly heart worm injections from your vet. HOWEVER, if you change vet, or do not remember to keep the yearly schedule up, your dog is unprotected. Likewise some people don't like having to pay a large up front lump sum and vet visit fee.

NOTE: Most dog medicines do not kill HEART worm along with all the other types.


I currently use Sentinel Spectrum on my dog because it kills adult fleas, general worms and Heart worm. You can get separate treatments (for the three categories) from different brands, of varying lengths of protection, but I find it easier and more effective to use ONE tablet at the start of the month. Thismakes it easy to remember and keeps him safe.

You can of course research other brand that provide the triple treatment how you want, as long as your dog is consistently covered when we walk them.

I buy my dog medicine from the internet and keep 12 months in store in our medicine cabinet. Heart worm will kill your dog unless treated immediately and preferably while the worm is young. If you don't do this, and your dog gets adult heart worm, expensive surgery will be required with no guarantee of success. 


From your vets advice and from the table above, you can see this is the minimum but very worthy monthly maintenance schedule to keep your dog healthy and happy and not infect other dogs.

Just like human immunisations, it only takes one non treated dog to potentially pass parasites onto the rest of the pack.

Please ensure your dog is getting a monthly flea and full worm treatment, for ALL our dogs sake!

Article by Bruce Dwyer. Like this article? Then please use a LINK reference

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