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Clarence a very cute very big mastiff plays for the camera VIDEO

clarence MastiffClarence lives with the two other dogs shown in the video.

This is the first mastiff that I have looked after. Researching the breed you will see that there are quite a few different version of this breed, mostly to do with country of origin.

This guy was not overly relaxed when I brought my own dog into his yard, but as you can see he allows the other dogs he lives with to jump all over him.

Clarence knows all of the tricks in acting cute to get attention and pats, from the walk bys to the several lie downs and rolls he does on his back.

A big almost human head with very hypnotic eyes ...

Anyway, for those who have not seen a mastiff in close proximity, this is a good entry point to their world.

I hope you enjoy Clarence and his dog friends.

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