Blitz ridgeback X climbing into my SUV for dog walks VIDEO

blitz dog into the car bootFrom Dog Walkers Melbourne's facebook page, it should be no secret that Blitz has well and truly established himself as one of the major players in the pack.

While he is usually one of the largest dogs that get into my car, he is also one of the oldest and greatest socialisation success stories that I have had.

Originally Blitz dog was having extreme difficulty in adjusting from life on the farm to an urban environment.  Upon vet advice he was chained to his kennel during the day to stop him roaming and causing damage to fences and gardens as well as incidental self harm. When this restraint didn't work he was medicated.

While my opinion may fly in the face of some common vet practices, I believe restraining and drugging a dog that has already become anxious because of its loss of freedom and large territories to roam will only make that dog more unstable and anxious.

As  last resort I was called in by Blitz's owner to re-socialise him. Our initial visit did not go particularly well. As while Blitz was near ten years old and looking more frail than he should, he was also somewhat aggressive towards my very social dog that I bring along to test socialisation. Not continually aggressive, however still too much on guard and taking the occasional lunge - not what a social dog does.

Other walkers may not have taken this project on (usually the province of my higher paid dog trainers) however I saw the predicament that he was in, with the possibility of being euthanized if a solution was not found. I walked blitz with my own dog and only two other dogs in remote areas and over a few months he enjoyed his walks so much and tolerated and eventually enjoyed playing with the other dogs. And this was only for two walks per week off lead (and a few on-lead with his owner).

Blitz is a massive testament to the incredible value of off lead dog walks for mental and physical health of dogs.

Blitz dog getting into the back of the car

The video first shows blitz climbing into an empty boot, then a boot with four dogs, and a boot with five dogs in it. For dogs to be able to sit in close proximity to each other such as in the back of a moving car, is usually a good test of their level of socialisation.

In the video you will see blitz basically asking permission to enter the car. climbing up slowly and taking his place at the back of the car.

The only dog that may have a little objection is Harry the corgi cross, but he has this objection with almost every dog. Harry has come a long way in his socialisation too, however only more walks per week would break down his last barriers. In the meantime Blitz knows Harry's guarding issues and works around it. I always ensure that the dogs in the car are in a receptive mood before Blitz enters it. And because these dogs have had MANY off lead walks together, and they know the fun they are about to have, waiting in the car is no longer a big issue for them.

If you like my facebook page then you are likely to see photos of blitz and the other dogs in the video at least once a week. People often look at the photos and marvel that so many dogs can be in such a relatively small space together. They all have car harnesses and are chained to the car for their own safety, and there is usually plenty of more space in the car than might appear to be in the photos.

This video just simply explains how blitz becomes the final piece of the dog walking car boot puzzle, before we get to the park.

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