Amy the Bernese Mountain Dog in Full fun flight. VIDEO

amy bernese mountain dogAmy is almost impossible not to love. She is one of the largest dogs you will find in many dog parks, but she is almost only motivated by having fun.

Her owners ensure that she has always had at least one good long walk each day of her life (and currently I walk her five mornings a week for them), which is what has led to her great nature.

When you take video's of dogs you often have objective in mind. To show their soft side, their cute side whatever. For this video I wanted to show people Amy's secret playful side.

Amy is a complex bernese mountain dog in that she is very social and affectionate, but doesn't always have a desire for walk long distances. Many times she will chose to sit down while other dogs are playing near her. BUT when she decides that she wants to play, she makes sure that all dogs in the vicinity recognise this.

Many times Amy still thinks that she is a tiny puppy needing to get the attention of any size dog. This leads to her 'romping' around in very exaggerated moves with legs flailing in the air, more comical than any real threat that any other dog could perceive. While this will often make dogs move out of the way, it rarely has them feel concerned.

This play move may only go a few seconds to a minute or so, but quickly wears Amy out. And in fact, if it motivates any large dog in the area to decide to play with her, she will often quickly withdraw and seek the safety of a human.

In my experience as a professional dog walker I have rarely seen such an elaborate display of invitation to play, and rapid withdrawal when it happens. Amy is truly a beautiful, cute, unique fun 'character' that almost all people in the park immediately fall in love with.

I just hope that I have done justice in this montage of catching a few glimpses of Amy's fun play side!

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