Altona Dog Obedience Club, Fly ball training 2014. VIDEO

maltese dog flyball trialsAltona Dog Obedience Club is a great dog club in inner west Melbourne based on volunteer efforts to help anybody learn to train their dogs.

I was lucky enough to be invited to their last trial and presentation day in 2014, where I got to see a lot of dogs and owners strut their stuff.

I took my own dog Archie to this club when he was young, and it did teach me a lot of basic commands that every dog and owner should know.

The trial day, puts dogs through their paces from grades 1 to 7 and is a great way of owners benchmarking how well their dog training is going. Regardless of what grade the dogs were in, they were all friendly enough for me to visit and talk to the owners and pat while they were waiting for their turn.

This video is an 'unofficial training' that a few of the club members where trying with their dogs. It was not for assessment, but just simply the early stages of training their dogs to do the flyball course.

For those who do not know about fly-ball (and yes I am very much a novice too), it involves getting your dog to run the straight line over the hurdles, grab the ball from the opposite end and return back to the owner with ball in mouth. These trials are obviously timed when real competitions begin.

As you can imagine, there are many things that can go wrong during the dog fly-ball process, and in particular when you are trying to do it, for one of the first times, with all the other dogs around to distract your dog. That said, these dogs came through with flying colours. Like much of training, dogs learn better when they are having fun and get rewarded at the end of it, with your enthusiasm, pats or dog treats.

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