Professional Dog Walking Inner West Melbourne. VIDEO

Dog Walking MelbourneIts hard to say what I should say for my first Promo video for Dog Walkers Melbourne, except that this is just a small sample of some of the great fun we have on our off lead walks.

Yes this is a particularly mellow part of the walk, but the vast majority of the time, this is what it is like, and this simple pack walk act is what is required to transform dogs into social dogs, by being around other social (balanced) dogs !

It isn't completely representative as walks change depending on the season and the dogs involved. And we do fit in extended play times in one spot on occasions. Though the number one rule is that all dogs are social and have a good time.

Very rarely will I have to correct a dog, and if it needs correction, it is usually as simple as a few minutes of on lead time.

The parks are wonderful and the dogs are beautiful. This is why I am in the dog industry, it is all about the dogs.

Some people marvel at having more than one dog off lead and 'controlling them' but when dogs have good recall and are social, they add to a park, rather than becoming an issue. if more dogs were walked off lead and were as friendly and social as this pack there would be no dog problems.

Because these dogs all know each other, there is very little left to prove in the way of contesting for higher status in the pack. They have moments of very excited play, but its always within safe limits, that is the number one priority.  And you should be aware that any new dog joining the pack, whether it be randomly in park for a few minutes, or on-lead as part of a new dog from a new client, they soon learn the calming influence of the pack. Or at least that the play is safe because they are social dogs.

I could wax lyrical for hours about the benefits of dog walking, but mostly I have stated this on my home page and the ABOUT section.

If you have not tried off lead dog walks yourself with your dog, you have no idea how much more settled and happy your dog will become. Its not always instantaneous, but it is always a quantum leap forward in their wellbeing and yours once they have become accustomed to the routine.

This video is just a short segment of our 45 minute off lead dog walk routine in the inner west of Melbourne. Please call us if you are interested in seeing your dog have such a good time as these dogs are experience in EVERY week !

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